2019-11-23 (土)   14時00分



講師:Date Huang
対象者:multiplayer game developer, game console developer


In this talk, Date Huang will discuss the difficulty of gaming network with different firewall rule and NAT policy and the reason of choosing Wireguard and BGP. Use Wireguard for encrypted connection and BGP to build redundancy route to each player. Even a player loses the connection, others will use BGP route to access each others.

Speaker bio:

Senior Engineer, Edgecore Networks
Date Huang is the senior engineer in Edgecore Networks, Taiwan, and also the maintainer of DozenCloud Project, ARM64 VPS Project. He fouces on porting OpenStack to ARM64 and Peer-to-Peer bare-metal system provisioning in HPC, working on Data Center network with Open Networking technology.
Speaking Experience: OpenStack Day Taiwan 2016-2017, Open Source Summit North America 2017, ISC High Performance Project Poster 2018, Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2019