2015-10-25 (日)   11時00分

Run an OpenStreetMap cache server for Asian Users


講師:Dongpo Deng; Steven Shiau; Ceasar Sun, Thomas Tsai(OSM TW leader & OSM Asian cache server maintainer)※日本語解説有り
担当:OpenStreetMap Taiwan
対象者:General public
前提知識:Some basic ideas about OpenStreetMap

NCHC (National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan) is a non-profit organization in Taiwan. It provides the computing resource and network service to the professors, students, and researchers in Taiwan. Based on a project sponsored by the MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), we have been running an OpenStreetMap cache server for more than 22 Asia countries or regions since 2014. In this talk we will report the way we setup the cache server, the maintenance, and the using status for the Asian OSM users.

NCHC (台湾国家高速運算センター)は計算リソース、ネットワークサービスを学生、教授や研究者に提供するNPO組織で、
MOST(台湾政府の科技庁)から支援を受けています。2014年から アジア22ヶ国以上に対してキャッシュサーバの運用を