2015-10-25 (日)   12時00分

Multi-location Implementation of OpenStack


講師:朴 玄泰、郷古 直仁、(斉藤 弘信)
担当:GMOインターネット株式会社 -ConoHa-


ConoHa supports multi locations which are Japan(Tokyo),
USA(San Jose) and Singapore.In this session,
we will talk about the backend system operation when
deploying OpenStack systems(multi locations) on single KeyStone,
from a developer’s point of view.

This session will cover:
- Replication of KeyStone databases.
- In the case of the token table,
Striping the table in order to reduce replication cost

About GMO Internet, Inc.
GMO Internet Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is a leading
force in the Internet industry offering one of the most
comperehensive ranges of Internet services worldwide.
We are providing a public cloud called “ConoHa” and
“GMO APPs Cloud” as part of our services.
Both are based on OpenStack.

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