2019-11-23 (土)   12時00分

Mozilla インターネット・ヘルスレポート - インターネットの健康状態を分析する


講師:Irvin Chen
対象者:General audience, tech skill non-required


Mozilla Internet Health Report (https://internethealthreport.org) is an annual report talk about what’s helping and what’s hurting the internet. It discuss different aspect of Internet, from personal experience to global concerns. In last year's report, we discuss issues from privacy of IoT to domination of Social Network. In the talk, I will introducing and sharing the best stories from this year's latest report.

Speaker bio:

Community liaison of MozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community. Longtime Mozilla contributor, Mozilla Rep Mentor.

Irvin has been contributing to Mozilla on community building, volunteers recruiting, events organizing, speaking for Mozilla's Mission and promoting open culture.

In the meantime, Irvin is a front-end developer of womany.net.