2018-02-23 (金)   14時00分

Massive deployment using BitTorrent in Clonezilla(日本語解説あり)


講師: Steven Shiau,・Ceasar Sun・ Thomas Tsai・ Robert Lin・ Akira Yoshiyama(Clonezilla developers)

Clonezilla は、True Image®に似た、パーティションおよびディスククローンツールです。

Bittorrent is popular for file sharing. However, when BitTorrent is used in system deployment, a major issue has to be overcome, i.e., for bare metal recovery, normally there is no enough temporary space to store the whole system image before restoring. Since the disk is the place where you want deployment the system, and normally the RAM size is not big enough to store the whole system image. Besides, because the nature of BitTorrent mechanism, i.e., the data is transferred in random order, the image data can not be piped, like that in multicast mechanism. Clonezilla is a free software project mainly developed at NCHC, Taiwan. The BitTorrent mechanism has been developed in Clonezilla for massive deploymen. In this talk we will describe the BitTorrent mechanism implemented in Clonezilla, and a demonstration will be done to let the audience understand how it works. Download: http://clonezilla.org/downloads.php